it's so cute that you two run a blog together <33

Heehee thank you!😊

hey! your blog is absolutely amazing. I've recently started a travel blog myself; would you mind checking it out? thank you :) x

Thank you very much!^,^ wwww that’s lovely we shall check it out now😊 you are welcome!

Hey thanks! We could check yours if you came off anon?^,^ That’s an awesome plan, sounds like something right up our street! We hope you get to accomplish that :D And youuuuu anonnn ^.^

in love with your blog, always nice to see theres still people who wants to be connected with our beautiful mother earth, gotta let the technologies down sometimes and enjoy nature, keep the good work and i hope you two will get the chance to travel the world xx have a nice day!

Thank you ever so much! This message is sweet! We hope we get the chance also! you too!😊 xx

Hello!! Your blog is great! Mines kinda similar I guess, adventure and stuff. I was just wondering how to maintain a decent following. You seem like you know what you're doing! Thanks :)

Awesome man! And we don’t exactly do much I guess. We try our best to keep the blog active by posting daily, but unfortunately things have slowed down recently but we have still been gaining! :)
In the end, you should keep at aiming your blog active and making friends with other blogs ^.^

Hi there! Edwin here, where are you guys from and what made you guys decide that you'd like to travel the world? :)

Hey Edwin, sorry for the late reply! We are from Wales and I guess we would just love to travel to explore our planet, learn different experiences from different regions of our earth :)